Online Scientific Program Builder & Publisher

The online scientific program is an advanced application that allows you to create a scientific program in your meetings.

You can easily determine the time intervals in which sessions will take place, and in which day and in the hall. Just add who has the task like the chairman, speaker, panelist so on and add the title and detail of the session.

The online scientific program analyzes all people involved in the session and notifies you of the task fields in the same timeframe. For example, if a speaker who will make a presentation in any session is assigned a session chair in a different hall in the same timeframe, the system will warn you and notify you that there is a “conflict”.

When a conflict occurs, you can drag-n-drop the session with your mouse over a time frame that does not conflict, and you can change the speaker locations and order.

Your scientific program creates in a short time as a result of the process, regardless of the size of your schedule.

Papers spread over the desk, hours of "speaker - lounge - session" settlements that last for hours are a thing of the past. This processes takes place in your monitor with the help of Online Program Builder.
Mobile Ready

Viewable in mobile and has API that can feed mobile apps.

Multi Tasking

Working on scientific program as a group in the same time.

Conflict Alert

Warn you when you put same person in parallel session.

Personal Agenda

Participants can create their own agenda.

Personal Agenda

Online Scientific Program can connect with your web site easily. Participants can prepare their own program by adding favorite sessions. They can also get printed copies and also they will have push notifications before their sessions start (mobile app only).

Presenter Invitation Management

It is easier to inform and invite people are in online scientific program. For the most wise use for calling of duty, which is InvitationAgent, just click the link below.